Our Story

TOWER was formed from a group of colleagues working in health and safety, environment and quality. We saw the positive impact these disciplines can bring, but also how in many companies it meant only bureaucracy and cost.

Our logo represents a safe place, shining light into dark places, to help and inspire businesses large and small.


Our Approach

Our Approach

We are committed to treating our staff and clients with the respect and dignity they deserve.

That means doing the very best job we can, every time. But doing business with TOWER is more than just a transaction, that's why in our first year of trading we have given approx 5.2% of our income (not just profit)  to charitable causes via direct giving or pro-bono work.

We have specifically committed to continuing, at the same level, our support for anti-modern slavery charity, "Hope for Justice" for at least two years, regardless of of the impact on the bottom line.

We are are also committed to operating to high environmental standards, and low carbon footprint. In particular we take a real interest in transport and set ourselves a target of 90% by low carbon means and as of July 2019 we have achieved 86.5%.

We hope you will be proud to work along side us.

Our Story

Meet the Team

Peter Turner

Managing Director

CMIOSH, MA(Law), BEng(Hons), PgD

30 years in heavy engineering and consultancy

Youth work and cycling

Martin Bryant



Practical safety adviser with hands on industrial management experience.

Spanish Guitar

Chris Flyn



Military and other varied experience with a particular passion for the promotion of good mental health through a combination of management planning and physical activity.  Our answer to Bear Grylls.

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