If you have identified a specific need or you just don't know where to start, we can help you.

We'll take a positive, practical approach to identify your opportunities and provide solutions.  Human factors, behavioural safety techniques and management systems are our speciality.

We can help you, whether it's your first policy or the introduction of an accredited management system or behavioural change programme.

Audit and Inspection

"What gets measured gets done",

... but the way it gets measured affects how it gets done.

TOWER can help you plan, design and implement inspection and monitoring programmes to meet your needs. You are always in control, and we will keep track of progress and report in a way that your company is always moving forward.




We can provide a range of training courses tailored to meet your specific needs, designed not only to educate but to transfer our passion and enthusiasm for effective risk management.

Well trained staff, particular those in leadership roles, are fundamental to implementing health, safety, environmental or quality programmes.

But the positive impact doesn't stop there. Good safety really is good business.



With the UK Government announcing "climate emergency" there is no better moment to take  environmental impact seriously.

We can help you identify your impacts, check legal compliance and help you plan for a greener future.



Not What Youre looking for?

No problem. We can discuss your specific needs and find a solution. TOWER work with a wide range of associates in diverse specialisms to ensure we can offer you the right expertise when you need it.


Next Steps...

For further information, or to arrange a preliminary discussion about your requirements please contact us